Charles Manville

"Uncle Charley": An Old Stage Driver

One of the noted old stage drivers of long ago is "UNCLE CHARLEY" MANVILLE. He drove for over sixty years. He was born in Ohio, and there he first learned to drive on the old National Road. At an early day he was in Michigan, driving on the Detroit road from Howell to Lansing and from Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo. He was in Kansas as early as 1856, where he drove for the Kansas Stage Company. He drove out of and into Leavenworth in territorial days, thence began driving on the old Santa Fe trail, and not long thereafter was holding the reins of "fours" and "sixes" on the great Overland Stage Line west of Atchison. For many years he drove in Alabama and Florida. Uncle Charley was able to handle a wild stage team up until the time he was eighty years old as easy as when he was in his prime.

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