Richard Millar

The Clothing Agent

RICHARD P. R. MILLAR, a brother two years the senior of Will, was in the employ of the Overland Stage Line as the clothing agent, but made an occasional trip as messenger. To those who desired it, Holladay supplied his men with a superior quality of clothing at a small advance above New York prices, and Dick Millar, as all the boys called him, was in charge of it. He made his trips in the express vehicles specially built, going from Atchison to Salt Lake, 1200 miles. He left the Salt Lake road in 1866 and was transferred to the Smoky Hill route.

Like his brother Will, Dick was a man whom every one in Atchison and along the overland route greatly admired. He had been in the transportation business the most of his life. He worked in railroad offices in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska, and for the last twenty-six years of his life, had resided in Lincoln, Nebraska where he had been in the employ of the Atchison & Nebraska, the Union Pacific and the Missouri Pacific railroads as general agent.

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