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Elizabeth Larson began her venture in the world of paperless publishing in January, 1996. Up until then, there were no phones to the remote, wind swept high plains of Northeastern Colorado where she lives in a solar powered house built by her son Magnus.

Elizabeth has always been interested in the world around her: the culture, the geography, and the history, especially historical geography. She received her B.S. from San Diego State University in Social Sciences, with an emphasis in Statistics. After doing some graduate work at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, she departed for a year of self-reflection, (or was that mid-life crisis?) and travel to Europe and Asia. After visiting her family homestead in Iceland, she taught school in Kodaikanal, Tamil, India. Along the way, she stopped in Israel, Egypt, and then on to Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, China, Mongolia, the USSR, Sweden, and finally to her then home of Northern California, where she taught school on an Indian Reservation.

When Elizabeth moved back to Colorado, she chose an area very close to Virginia Dale, an old stage station on the Overland Trail. Becoming interested in its history, and finding that few people, even those living in the area, knew little about it, she took on the project of making the world aware of this little bit of Western history.

Future projects include additional web pages about other historic sites in Larimer County, Colorado. If you would like to help in this project, provide additional information, or sponsor it in any way, please use e-mail.

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