"Steamboat" and "Tug" rock formations south of Virginia Dale

Trail ruts, gravesites, incredibly steep inclines, tremendous sandstone rock outcroppings, remains of a blacksmith shop, even a saloon, can all be found along the Overland Trail south of the Virginia Dale Station. Emigrant diaries tell of names being written on the rocks in this area, and later travelers named these large sandstone formations,"Register" and "Signature" Rocks.

Steamboat Rock can be seen for miles along US Highway 287, an anticipated landmark for many travelers, even today. Just to the south of Steamboat, is the smaller "Tug" rock formation, trailing on behind. Eroded trail ruts remain in the grassy plains, and can be seen from the highway. "Devil's Washboard": the foreboding name tells it all. One wonders how the coaches ever made it up this steep, rocky cliff--steep in both directions. At the base of Devil's Washboard are the remains of the old saloon. Most likely a welcome rest stop to steady the nerves of the weary traveler.

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